Process of Assembling SkyWay Rolling Stock

Process of Assembling SkyWay Rolling Stock

31 January 2017 8065

The project of creating innovative SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes is marked apart by the greatest possible openness to our multiple partners, therefore, in our news releases we tend not to leave unanswered any of your questions. Especially if it benefits for the promotion of Yunitskiy’s string transport.

Of course, a huge interest is sparked by the process of assembling the SkyWay rolling stock ― at the moment we are talking about unibikes and unibuses. The film crew of the news service has visited the pilot production facility, where the Chief designer and leading specialists of the Management Department on rolling stock of SkyWay Technologies Co. demonstrated for the first time the most important operations that precede “starting the heart” or, in technical language, assembling of the main units and parts of the traction module for the SkyWay rolling stock.

We offer to your attention a video report with comments from employees of our Company. We can add to it that you will never see again our production facility as it looks today, for very soon ― a matter of few weeks ― new facilities will be acquired. They will have the most-up-to-date equipment needed to solve the tasks for performing the targeted projects that SkyWay General Designer A.Yunitskiy spoke about early this year.

Mikhail Kirichenko