“Popular Mechanics” about SkyWay

“Popular Mechanics” about SkyWay

23 August 2016 7648

The major popular science journal “Popular Mechanics” published an article about the SkyWay string transport. Our readers have already seen a correspondent of this edition in the news “Chronicle of a working day” posted on the personal website of engineer Yunitskiy.

This large article on string transport has become the key material of the entire issue. It is also included in the billboard of the September issue on the journal’s website:

“Suffice it to look through popular science journals or websites, and you can see what it will be — transport of next generations. However, all of it is presented to us in the form of beautiful, photo-realistic images drawn on the computer. You can see much less at least a part of this possible future produced already in metal and concrete. Not to miss the chance to do this, the editors of “PM” travelled to Minsk, where the construction of a demonstration track section for string transport is under way”.

The trip resulted in an article “Flight on strings”, which we offer to your attention (in Russian). Happy reading! 


“Popular Mechanics” is an American popular science journal published since 1902 in English and since 2002 — in Russian. It contains news on science and engineering: new technologies, science, weapons, aviation, aerospace, vehicles. The Russian version is published under license. Currently the magazine is issued monthly with a total circulation of 200,000 copies. Readership coverage is 400 thousand people in Moscow and 1.3 million people around Russia.



Ulyana Orlova