Letter of support from environmental engineering leaders ― company Aurecon

Letter of support from environmental engineering leaders ― company Aurecon

27 January 2017 6697

After the publication of the letters of support from Australian Companies Rоd Hook and Associates and MBM we offer you the opinion of their colleagues from Aurecon. The engineering Company Aurecon has a great experience in successful implementation of major projects in Australia, Africa and Asia. Their list includes the International exhibition center in Bangkok, architectural replanning of the legendary Martin Place in Sydney, the project of a hydraulic power plant in Nigeria and others. A separate item in the list of achievements is the participation in the creation of a complex of skyscrapers ‘The Tower’ in Dubai.

SkyWay believes the most important point in this strategic partnership is that Aurecon engineers have environmentally-oriented thinking and a rich experience in implementing advanced projects without environment damage and impact on people’s lives. Many Companies know how to build, however, few of them do it without any harm to our common home. Due to it, we appreciate highly the letter of support from Aurecon and quote excerpts from it below. This letter is a transmittal to the expert examination conducted by the Company’s professionals.

Aurecon. Project understanding

In light of emerging technologies and changing user demands, Aurecon believes it is timely to consider alternative transport solutions which may be faster, safer and more environmentally sustainable. Sky Way’s technology, coupled with the projected low relative net construction/ operating costs, advanced safety features and minimal land use, has the potential to transform future rail networks in Australia.

Sky Way is a new holistic transport system based on an elevated structure that is quite different from other forms of railway system employed today.

Sky Way offers new autonomous rolling stock operating on a unique and innovative track structure, managed by new control systems, stations and terminals. Sky Way transport systems offer high operating speeds (150km/h+ for urban transit, 500km/h for intercity high speed rail or freight/cargo applications), increased durability, lower resource consumption and improved sustainability.

Sky Way has the potential to be more cost effective than traditional rail both to build and operate, and also has the potential to be greener, more durable and more aesthetically pleasing whilst conceivably improving the industry ‘norm’ for safety requirements.

There are no intersections and no delays waiting for other traffic to have its turn. Human interaction in the operation of the system is reduced and hence human error is reduced substantially and therefore so should be accidents, injuries and fatalities.

The original of the support letter.  

Illustration from official Aurecon website.

Evgeny Petrov