Photo report from EcoTechnoPark: designer supervision

Photo report from EcoTechnoPark: designer supervision

04 February 2016 5278

We publish a new batch of photos from the construction site of EcoTechnoPark, where the next designer supervision was held on February 3.

Control of concrete quality on the floor panel over the ground floor of the anchor support. Control of reinforcement quality and its condition, diameter and spacing of stirrups. Quality control of welded seams on link beams and stands of intermediate supports. Slinging of stands of intermediate supports before their installation in socket-type foundations. Acceptance inspection of component parts in the metal intermediate support. Geodesic survey of location and control of the installation accuracy. Backfilling of the pit for intermediate supports.

 Due to a sharp temperature rise, the condition of the construction site at the moment is non-standard. Flooding of the area significantly affects the pace of construction, therefore SkyWay employees decided on dewatering by means of a pump.

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Ulyana Orlova