Our Team. Assistant to SkyWay Chief Designer Anatoly Kachurovskiy

Our Team. Assistant to SkyWay Chief Designer Anatoly Kachurovskiy

27 January 2017 8395

SkyWay team is a reliable alloy of theoreticians with practitioners. Today’s hero is Anatoly Kachurovskiy, an experienced Assistant to the General Designer, whose service record in Belarus and abroad is quite impressive. In SkyWay Technologies Co. we openly discuss internal achievements and challenges for the team, therefore you will learn from the interview:

 ― about the path from medals of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements to string technologies

― about the role of the project in his life and his personal judgement on it

― how he works with the General Designer Anatoly Yunitskiy

A dream is created by real people. And the dream about the breakthrough transport of the future is no exception. Anatoly Kachurovskiy has solved unexpected and unexplored challenges many times. One of his last works is a luxury hotel Rixos Tbilisi. When the construction stopped and the hotel remained without five storeys in the form of a glass dome, it was Anatoly’s project design office that solved the problem. Now Rixos Tbilisi is the hotel having the opportunity to host the most distinguished guests including Heads of state.

Our video interview is about the tasks and challenges of Anatoly Kachurovskiy in SkyWay:



Evgeny Petrov