On SkyWay role in future world order formation

On SkyWay role in future world order formation

01 August 2016 6656

An interview with Sergey Sibiryakov — a well-known Russian public figure, politician, economist.

The discussion focused on the issues of inadequate investments into infrastructure undertaken in the past decades. According to the opinion of several major economic experts, shared by our guest, this has led to the emergence of barriers to economic growth and reduced quality of life. Thus, according to estimates recently published by the McKinsey Global Institute, just to achieve the projected economic growth, the world needs to increase investments into infrastructure (primarily transport) from $2.5 trillion to $3.3 trillion per year and maintain this level until 2030. Sergey Sibiryakov told what prospects for SkyWay transport technology open in this situation.

The conversation was not only about the global processes, but also about how the life of an ordinary man will change with the arrival of the era of SkyWay and Transnet (and what it is). With a hint to the SkyWay technology of the 5th generation Sergey describes the future of the phone, wristwatch, personal vehicle, house, how and where people will work and relax...

Mikhail Kirichenko