Newspaper "Minskaya pravda" about SkyWay

Newspaper "Minskaya pravda" about SkyWay

07 December 2015 4993

The media continue to cover actively the project of SkyWay technologies. On December 5 one of the main printed press of the Republic of Belarus – the newspaper "Minskaya Pravda" ("Minsk truth") published an article about the SkyWay transport system under the main heading "Perspectives".

 "Anatoly Yunitskiy thinks rationally and in complex, so that it becomes clear at once: everything in the world is feasible. Speedy and safe transport, without any damage to nature, − this is our "Sky vehicle" created by the SkyWay technology, or, in scientific terms, — the transport and infrastructure complex with the elevated rail-string track structure".

 In the conversation with the correspondent of "Minskaya pravda" Anatoly Yunitskiy told about the main advantages of the project: 

"SkyWay is the best option for Belarus, which does not have significant reserves of natural resources. We could prosper due to new technologies. In 1997 President Alexander Lukashenko put forward this idea. By now, we have developed the EcoTechnoPark project, passed the necessary state expert examination, signed a contract to rent a land plot and received a permit for construction. We have also created a functioning design engineering company "SkyWay Technologies Co.", which employs over a hundred of highly qualified professionals. In short, all the prerequisites for a technological breakthrough are created. And if we surpass the world in technologies now, we'll surpass it for centuries!".

Note: "Minskaya pravda" is a public and political newspaper of Minsk region. This media has positioned itself as a socio-political body that covers the most important events of the city, region and the country in general. Let us not draw conclusions for the readers, but the mere fact of publication in such an authoritative printed press speaks for itself: "From the very beginning "Minskaya pravda" declared itself as a thoughtful, serious edition. It comprehensively covered the life of the region and the Republic, informed about the most important events in the country and abroad. Its pages reflected acute problems of economy, social sphere, culture, moral upbringing of the population. The newspaper promoted the best examples of labor, related about the leaders of production, the people of high duty."

Ulyana Orlova