News of SkyWay Production

News of SkyWay Production

01 August 2017 4571

We offer to your attention the next report from the production facility of SkyWay Technologies Co., which features a sheet-bending pressure machine with a computerized numerical control (CNC), the force of 1,000 kN and the working width of 3 m that allow to process metal of up to 6 mm thickness. The new machine will be used jointly with the laser cutter: the manufactured items will be cut by patterns in the laser unit, then passed over to the pressure machine and further ― to the welding or assembly section.

The equipment is provided with quickly removable stamping punches and molds allowing to fix the bending length from 15 to 3,000 mm. An operator just enters data, adjusts and controls the quality of the equipment operation. A computer sets to the machine all the operational parameters like the arm, angle, applied force, the number of items, etc.

Production engineer Yuri Sidorenko, known to you from the previous reports, who told us about the installation of the American 5-axle milling machine HAAS, described the changes that have occurred in his section since that time.

Mikhail Kirichenko