New technologies — new directions of development

New technologies — new directions of development

27 July 2016 11086

Dear friends, we constantly monitor the actively growing market of new financial technologies (cryptocurrencies) and technologies of distributed registries (blockchain-technologies).

We decided to participate in a free experiment of the decentralized platform STEEMIT and expose our project to a vote. Now we all have the opportunity to support our project on a global scale. It is necessary to hurry, because only 5 days are given for this ― until 24:00 on July 31.

However, first things first: the social network "Steemit" has started the promotion campaign "Projeсt's Сorner", giving the opportunity for everyone to put on their project for discussion, to hear criticism and to raise funds for its implementation. By the terms of participation, one needs to briefly describe its project in a reply to the post in the blog "Steemit", then tell about it to as many friends as possible, ask them to register on the network and vote for the project. As a result, a huge number of Internet users (that is, potential investors) around the world will find out about the idea.

In simple words, you are required to:

a) follow the link;

b) register in STEEMIT by clicking Sign Up in the upper right corner of the screen — for this, it is necessary to use your account in Facebook or Reddit;

c) vote for the comment from the author Yunitskiy (remember — it should be found among the comments to the post by the link) with a description of our project by clicking on the gray button with an arrow up (to the left of the sign $);

d) comment positively on our post or give constructive criticism without using referral links and coarse language (profanity);

e) share this information with your friends, asking them to do the same in their turn.

There will be no losers in this competition, participation in it is absolutely free, and positive appraisals from those who voted for the project will provide us with the inflow of votes (the local STEEMIT unit of account — stim-dollars). The voting will determine four leading projects; the winner will be selected among them at the end of August and will get the right to conduct a two-month campaign to raise funds (ICO) at the cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform CCDEK OpenLedger. The organizers of the campaign promise involvement of the media and the outcome to the global audience.

Read more about the campaign by the link. Time to act!



Victor Baburin