New surge of interest to SkyWay in international media

New surge of interest to SkyWay in international media

09 August 2016 5874

The development of SkyWay technology on the Australian continent could not remain unnoticed by multiple media. Implementation and development of innovative transport systems has attracted the attention of several editions both in the Australian region and in Russia.

In particular, the Australian tabloid "The Advertiser", which had previously posted Rod Hook’s interview, has released a new article describing some features of the SkyWay string transport, as well as possible prospects that its implementation in the local transport infrastructure would open for the country’s economy.

The Russian information Agency "RZD-Partner", highlighting the main tendencies in functioning and development of the market of transport services, posted for its readers the details of the promotion plan for the SkyWay project in the Australian region on the portal (in Russian)

A journalist of the Australian news channel "9news" Edward Godfrey posted a report on his page of the personal account in the social network Twitter, in which he was considering the possible use of SkyWay transport line within the local urban landscape. In addition, he drew attention to the significant savings in construction cost of this transport route compared to a conventional tram line.

In addition, the TV channel "9news" released a video report on the prospects of SkyWay technology implementation into the existing transport infrastructure. Television correspondents interviewed Rod Hook and asked the opinion of ordinary residents of Adelaide (the state of South Australia) about how reasonable it would be to introduce a new mode of transport in their city.

The South Australian news edition "FiveAA" also did not stay on the sidelines from the coverage of the plans of the SkyWaY Australia Company by posting on its pages a publication showing the possibilities of the new transport system with the comments of Rod Hook on current plans for the implementation of the innovation project


Viacheslav Evtukh