The Course of Unibus, the Course of Acceptance Testing

The Course of Unibus, the Course of Acceptance Testing

14 September 2017 5195

Minsk region, Maryina Gorka, EcoTechnoPark. Here the procedure of acceptance testing and subsequent certification of the first samples of SkyWay rolling stock is under way. The work is carried out by the experts from a research Institute accredited to activities of this kind with the participation of engineers from the project designing under SkyWay Technologies Co. The vehicles are being tested accordingly to the list of parameters determined at the preparatory phase. The Head of testing, certification and standardization Department under SkyWay project designing organization Valery Kochergin comments on the process:

“Our first pilot samples of unibus and unibike are under test trials now. The test parameters are most diverse including tractional and dynamic features, speed, braking and ergonomic indicators… There are many parameters, therefore the volume of work is quite extensive. […] Now everything is all right. […] We feel that certain aspects are considerably improved due to the perfection of the structure. The parameters of braking and acceleration now absolutely coincide with the calculated ones.

As a result, we shall get acceptance test reports that will confirm the conformity of our products with the specified requirements. By the results of discussing these acceptance tests, they will take a decision to issue the Certificate of Conformity for both the items. 

There is much work and anxiety, but we manage to solve everything at the earliest. Today we had some problems, however they were settled by the evening. I think everything will go on in the same way and we shall manage to complete everything.”

Evgeny Petrov