Ready for Small-Batch Production!   

Ready for Small-Batch Production!  

19 July 2017 6599

Not so long ago in our news releases, we reported on the acquisition by SkyWay Technologies Co. of new production areas, which were supposed to be filled with the most modern equipment and highly qualified personnel. Without solving these problems it is impossible to realize the dreams of the Company’s General designer Anatoly Yunitskiy and hundreds of thousands of his supporters about creating vehicles of the future to effectively meet the challenges of the new era, requiring higher standards of safety for passengers, “green” technologies significantly reducing the burden on the environment, non-standard technical solutions that will radically reduce energy and transportation costs.

In the present first report we on how plans for the re-equipment of production come true, you will see a part of the new team and equipment, which allow to meet all the demands of our time making it necessary to rethink the traditional traffic of people and goods, raise transport affordability, reduce the cost of goods and services and provide another comfort of travel and entirely other speeds.

Moreover, we are now ready to pass over from piece production to small-batch one― the first targeted projects are coming soon!

Mikhail Kirichenko