SkyWay ― It Is Seriously and for the Long Haul!

SkyWay ― It Is Seriously and for the Long Haul!

06 September 2017 6326

The production facilities of SkyWay project designing Company have been added with new areas. Two new buildings will soon be put into operation at the same street with the existing production factory.

It is planned to produce metal structures for the infrastructure of Yunitskiy’s SkyWay transport in one of them. The production premise of 86 x 30 m dimensions is semi-detached to a 3-storey office and amenity building. This structure will be added mirror-like with another workshop to expand the production of rolling stock.

The second building is currently being designed at the stage “a”. Giving a brief description of the applied architectural and structural solutions, noteworthy is that this is the object of productional purpose with an attached administrative and household part of rectangular shape having the dimensions of about 60 x 25 m and 9-m height. The productional part will have a total area of over 1,200 m2; the workshop will be provided with a top-running crane beam of 10-ton lifting capacity along the whole width of the span and a platform for maintenance and preventive inspection. In addition to the assembly section the productional part has a storeroom for components and units with an outer gate for loading.

The commissioning of the facilities will allow the project designing Company to independently produce the required number of metal structures, rolling stock and components for the first commercial projects. And it’s still only the beginning.

Mikhail Kirichenko