New Guests from the Neighbouring Emirate

New Guests from the Neighbouring Emirate

07 February 2022

Every day we are glad to witness more and more signs of the upcoming commercialization of the string transport project: uSky Test & Certification Centre has welcomed Mr. Muhammad Tahir Lakhani, the Chairman and Managing Director of Dubai Trading Agency LLC (DTA) with his son Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani, a well-established Entrepreneur. DTA is a market-leading provider of Marine, Logistics and Technical Services to ship owners, ship managers, ship operators and cargo owners – hence their interest in the project.

The businessmen have been shown uFlash, which has seating for six passengers and is designed to travel at the speed of 500 km/h. Attending the control room, the visitors became personally certain that innovative uSky transport is safe and reliable, including the certified tropical uCar, which they took a ride in.

Since DTA Maritime business is directly related to rendering cargo transportation services, the representatives have shown particular interest in the cargo solutions offered by string transport. uSky cargo complexes can transport cargo up to 100 million tons per year and have several advantages over the conventional cargo transportation industry. The guests have seen the technical capabilities of uCont, an autonomous self-propelled electric cargo vehicle designed for the movement of 20' and 40' cargo containers at speeds up to 100 km/h.

Like other visitors to uSky Test & Certification Centre, the distinguished guests from Dubai were impressed by what they saw, leaving their positive insights in the guestbook.

You can read the article “DTA Maritime owners were demonstrated uSky freight solutions” on the string transport project’s official resources.


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