Conclusive Statement from MIIT: About Ten Years Have Passed

Conclusive Statement from MIIT: About Ten Years Have Passed

11 December 2017 6467

 “According to your faith will it be done to you” (Matthew 9:29)

We continue to publish good news about collaboration with MIIT. A conclusive statement of the University was made on the completed work “Preliminary evaluation of the prospects for the development and use of innovative string-rail elevated transport “SkyWay””. Here is the whole document (in Russian).

Statement in EnglishOriginal  (in Russian)

As a reminder, ten years ago MIIT staff did not believe in the reality of the project. You can see the twists and turns of that time on engineer Yunitskiy’s website (in Russian). It’s a pleasure that justice has been met, it’s a pity that it took a decade. Here are the “greatest hits” from the “conclusive statement” made ten years ago. Comment is needless:

“Installation of string-rails is practically unrealizable”;

“Monorail version of UST. Technically unrealizable, because it will be impossible to mount a string-rail”;

“At the speed of a little above 100 km/h, Unibus will inevitably separate from the string-rail and fall to the ground. Overloads that occur when Unibus hits relatively rigid intermediate supports (the effect of a “sleeping policeman” or a trampoline effect), can cause destruction of Unibus and all supports”;

“Generally speaking, it does not make sense to discuss the economic efficiency of the project, which is technically impossible”;

 “Minor side loads can cause overturning of the rail.”


Evgeny Petrov