Lightweight urban SkyWay track: installation of anchor supports

Lightweight urban SkyWay track: installation of anchor supports

05 September 2016 7094

Anchor supports of the lightweight urban transport system are installed on their foundation. Unibikes and a 14-seat unibus will run on it. This successful installation has proved the possibility of speedy laying a track structure of SkyWay transport ― up to one kilometer a day! The General designer of SkyWay Anatoly Yunitskiy announced such possibility earlier. The installation of four metal structures at both ends of the line was performed within the time from 20 minutes to one hour. There is no doubt that this rate is not the limit; it can be improved considerably when a straight-line production of SkyWay tracks starts.

The contractors have installed metal intermediate П-shaped supports for the lightweight urban transport system in the design position and subsequently concreted them on the same day.

They also continued the construction of the cargo transport line. As on the day of filming, they have finished reinforced concrete work on building all anchor and intermediate supports.

In addition, the roof of the transport and logistics hub combined with the terminal anchor support for the urban and high-speed routes was processed with agronomic work; seedlings of trees, bushes and flowers were planted. Soon the residents of urban conglomerates, confident that meat is extracted from ravioli, will be able to learn on this green roof how apple trees, white turf, forsythia, Japanese quince, barberry and even golden daisies look like...

Window and door frames were installed on the ground and first floors.


Pleasant viewing!




Mikhail Kirichenko