Lasers in EcoTechnoPark

Lasers in EcoTechnoPark

17 August 2016 7163

Today all of us have the opportunity to see EcoTechnoPark the way no one has seen it before. The closer is the time of commissioning the first stage of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, the higher is the tension: work does not stop, day or night. We decided to use this opportunity to show you measuring of the installation quality of supports at the urban track that precedes the beginning of trusses installation.

SkyWay employees use for this kind of work special laser-measuring instruments. In addition, laser target markers were also used for visual control and better clarity. The show was truly magical!

A laser is a direct parallel to SkyWay string routes, a perfectly straight and thin beam. The so-called laser communications are booming currently. The laser allowed to increase the speed of information transmission by several times, and also became a real breakthrough in medicine, chemistry and many other industries.

SkyWay will become the same breakthrough, which will eliminate the imbalance between the transfer speeds of information and matter. It is noteworthy that the lasers appeared here shortly before stretching the strings.

Pleasant viewing!

Mikhail Kirichenko