Australia. Less than a year have passed…

Australia. Less than a year have passed…

06 February 2018 3274

... and the Australian partner of SkyWay Rod Hook returned to Minsk! Let us recall that he visited SkyWay office last time in March 2017 accompanying a representative from the Australia’s National Rail Safety Regulator. The main purpose of the trip was to provide for the high-ranking official the opportunity to research Yunitskiy’s SkyWay transport technology personally for the further coordination of joint action to certify it in Australia.

The next step was the visit of our project’s leaders to Australia held in October 2017, during which a great work has been done to promote SkyWay in this country. Anatoly Yunitskiy and Victor Baburin held a number of important negotiations and presentations resulting in the current visit of the Directors of the company “SkyWay Transport Australia” Rod Hook and Maree Wauchope to Belarus.

In the interview offered to your attention, our Australian guests deliver to SkyWay partners a kind of report on their activities over the past time, talk about the objectives of their arrival to SkyWay head office and share plans for the near future. Looking ahead, we can say that soon they will pay their next visit to us with very important and interested guests. Rod and Mary spent most of the time in Minsk on its preparation.

However, the primary source is most important ― we give the floor to our guests!

Mikhail Kirichenko