Indian Express about SkyWay: Transportation Solutions Made Easy

Indian Express about SkyWay: Transportation Solutions Made Easy

12 October 2017 4407

Kiryl Badulin, Head of Business Projects Division, Business Development Department, SkyWay Technologies Co. in a free-wheeling conversation with Geetmala Sarkar tells us of the innovative transport-related technological solutions and products they are bringing to India, how these have a possibility to bridge the lacunas witnessed at multiple levels in creating sufficient infrastructural facilities, how technological know-how can seamlessly travel to transcend roadblocks, the eco-friendly nature of their vehicles in general.

What does SkyWay essentially achieve to do in India?

We are a new transport solutions provider engaged in creating a transport system that occupies space un-trammelled by any kind of traffic. We provide technology and vehicles on the "second-level" above the ground. Our vehicular movement will happen on specially designed rail-string overpass.

What are your expectations from participating in International Railway Equipment Exhibition 2017?

We want to promote our technology to the Indian market. We have solutions for both passenger and cargo transportation. As India is becoming technology driven, the high demand of innovations can lead us to more potential customers here. Of course, we want to find and foster relevant business partnerships for the long haul.

How do you view the Indian market?

It has a huge demand and needs innovative solutions due to scarce resources. And we are ready to fill in this space. We see our market India in high speed transportations that can provide speed up to 500km/hour, as well as urban passenger and cargo transportation and do not confront with existing manufacturers. 

What are you working on in India?

Currently we are working in different directions in India. One is passenger transport in cities and cargo transport for transport companies or seaports (container transport). The other transport solutions that we are working on are urban transport, unibike (a light & compact vehicle on steel wheels; in future, an alternative to a car, bicycle or motorcycle), high-speed transport (mounted vehicle on steel wheels) too.

Have you had adequate support extended your way from the government of India?

Our founder Anatoli Yunitski has already met the Union Transport Minister of India, Nitin Gadkari who has extended his support to us. As per my understanding, the optimality, the effectiveness and the safety that SkyWay brings is what was appreciated by the Minister to  support us. We are in discussion with the state of Maharashtra for developing public and cargo transportation there.

What technologies are you offering?

We are promoting SkyWay technologies designed in Belarus. There is the innovative un-cut string rail over pass to provide a light yet rigid track structure. Secondly, rolling stock with low aero-dynamic resistance. This technology has no analogues in the world, it is driverless and has built-in automated control systems. Also, compared to traditional technologies, they are much cheaper, ecological and safe. 

What makes your transport systems safe?

Our safety mechanisms include high resistance to vandalism and acts of terrorism. As track structure is located above the ground it enhances safety in a simple way: there is no object to get crushed. The anti-derailment system increases traffic safety by at least 10 times.

Who are your competitors?

They are basically Innovative Transport; hyperloop by Elon Musk, Metrino and SkyTran from Israel.

How do you score over them?

Our advantage points are that we already have a test site in Belarus, where industrial prototypes of rolling stock are presented. Our over pass solutions are 15 to 20 times less costly compared to standard ones. It is cheaper than Japanese and even Chinese solutions. These facts, i believe, leverage us.

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