Immediate Results of the Future Cities Show 2018

Immediate Results of the Future Cities Show 2018

11 April 2018 4001

“The lightweight elevated transportation system, which is several times less-costly than conventional rail transport systems, can be a great breakthrough in the development of logistics in the UAE” ― Dubai media wrote about SkyWay this week during the Future Cities Show 2018. Russian media (in Russian) did not ignore SkyWay participation in the exhibition either. Future Cities Show 2018 is one of the biggest events in the world of innovations and modern technologies both in the region and in the world. During the event, the public and experts in the field of innovations, as well as representatives of the UAE leadership had the opportunity to find out all about Skyway transport first-hand, since SkyWay management was present at the exhibition in full.

Deputy General Director for development Victor Baburin commented on the event approaching its end: “This exhibition had its own specifics and was differed from all other similar events in which we had participated. If truth be told, we appeared in Berlin, India and Indonesia unexpectedly, and the goal we pursued was to declare ourselves, to gather contacts for further work. Here in the UAE, we have brought a ready-made technology to a fairly well-developed soil. The first visit of SkyWay representatives to the country took place in April 2015, three years ago. In other words, they waited for us, waited for what we would be able to show to take a decision. The exhibition is ending. In my opinion, we have justified our partners’ expectations. This was a very important milestone in the development of the Company, which we have passed with dignity”.

He also noted that the Company’s management has done a substantial part of work with potential customers behind the scenes of the official exposition part of Future Cities Show 2018.

The exhibition Future Cities Show is over, the Show goes on.

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