Expert Examination of SkyWay Technology at International Level

Expert Examination of SkyWay Technology at International Level

20 January 2017 10326

A comprehensive technology assessment and a report on it for presentation at the Government level became the result of the visit of an Australian delegation to SkyWay EcoTechnoPark held in November last year. Leading experts from the design estimate Сompany MBM and engineering Сompany Aurecon have conducted a thorough analysis of SkyWay transport technology from the point of view of its financial and economic, as well as technical and operational parameters. The grounds for drawing up the conclusion were the technical documentation provided to the experts, multiple consultations with engineers of our project organization working in relevant fields, and direct review of production processes embodied with technical solutions in commercial samples of rolling stock, as well as methods of testing transport systems and the procedures for their certification.


The expert examination with its non-confidential part to be published next week confirms the effectiveness of the developed transport system in all major indicators. It is intended to be the basis for further work with the National Rail Safety Regulator of Australia and certification of SkyWay technology to apply it in targeted projects throughout the country.

Evgeny Petrov