EcoTechnoPark in database of investment projects of the Republic of Belarus

16 October 2015 15219

Dear friends!

Congratulations on another remarkable event in the history of SkyWay transport!

The National Agency of investment and privatization of the Republic of Belarus added the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark project to the database of investment projects of the country (top 10 by volume of investments):

Presence in this list confirms the importance of the project and developed technology, attracts the investorsᶦ attention and, consequently, increases the inflow of investments. We get closer to our goal with each day, and this process is irreversible thanks to the efforts of each of us who promote the SkyWay project every day.

We are pleased to observe that the path of peopleᶦs funding, which we chose, is bringing its fruits. The SkyWay team would not have achieved that alone, we sincerely thank all of you for your help!

Note: the numbers in the database will be corrected upon the implementation of the project, the increase of the EcoTechnoPark plot and receipt of new orders for targeted projects. 

Ulyana Orlova