EcoTechnoPark: сonstruction site billboard

EcoTechnoPark: сonstruction site billboard

11 September 2015 4021

The construction site billboard is installed at the EcoTechnoPark (in Russian) construction facility.

Construction permit No. 2540 dated July 21, 2015 is approved by the Pukhavichy district Executive Committee.

• The customer is SkyWy Technologies Co.

• The project design organization is SkyWy Technologies Co.

• The construction contractor is "Stroymontazh Ltd."

• Beginning of construction: August 21, 2015.

• Completion date: October 2016.

The project is being implemented due to the exact schedule and correct planning at the stage of construction documentation. In order not to fall behind the schedule, works continue  even on weekends. Changes at the site happen actually every day.

Please watch the video from the EcoTechnoPark construction site.


Ulyana Orlova