Electric car Unibus

Electric car Unibus

10 August 2015 9554

The experts of SkyWay Technologies Co. have prepared a comparative analysis of the electric vehicles "Unibus" and "Tesla Model S" energy efficiency.

The results of the research showed: "Currently electric transport (including electric cars) only worsens the global environment. In fact, it replaces burning of fuel directly at the place of energy consumption with burning of 2.5 times more fuel in a remote location. It happens due to losses for conversion and delivery of energy (fuel to the power plant, and electricity to the vehicle). In any case, an allegedly greater environmental friendliness of electric vehicles today is an unfounded misconception. Given the fact that internal combustion engines produce about four times more energy on the planet than all power plants of the world, it is also mere ignorance."

Layout of electric car tesla model s

Layout of electric car "Tesla Model S"

The research presents compelling evidence of the economic and environmental benefits of string transportation − research figures speak for themselves: "There is a need for new transport infrastructure innovation, based on other principles of efficiency. For example, if the entire world urban public transport is transferred to the unibuses and not to Tesla electric cars, the annual energy savings (based on diesel fuel) in this case will amount to 623 million tons of fuel worth of nearly a trillion dollars."

Scheme of movement of suspended unibus sagging on track structure

Scheme of movement of suspended unibus sagging on track structure

Experts came to the conclusion that the unibus is the most fuel efficient ((economic) electric car in the world for public use. Taking into account all variants of embodiment, the unibus is more efficient than, for example, Tesla electric car, at least by 6.2 times, and in the optimal embodiment – by 17.8 times.

External view of Unibus electric car (suspended version)

External view of "Unibus" electric car (suspended version)

Anatoly Yunitsky