EcoTechnoPark prepares to EcoFest

EcoTechnoPark prepares to EcoFest

13 April 2016 5022

Just a week and a half remains till the main event of this spring – SkyWay EcoFest. All the SkyWay team efforts are focused on the preparation for the event. We understand, however, how great is the desire of our investors to know what is happening now in the demonstration and certification center of SkyWay technologies. We publish the long-awaited photo report.

 EcoTechnoPark will be the main venue for the festival, that's why now active beautification of the area is under way there, so that the expression "not to strike the face in dirt" would not acquire a literal meaning. In addition, they are building the auxiliary road, which later will turn into a walking path. Installation of the intellectual string fencing continues along the whole perimeter of the EcoTechnoPark center. This is rather a laborious and time-consuming operation, and at the moment tensioning of the network is carried out. It will protect green plants from destruction by animals.

 And most importantly – on the day of visiting the construction site, our production team witnessed concreting of the ceiling panel at the second level of the transport and logistics hub, combined with the anchor support. Before that, an embedded item was mounted into the panel. It will be the basis for subsequent fixing of the anchoring unit at the track structure.


Ulyana Orlova