EcoTechnoPark: Next Phase of Construction

EcoTechnoPark: Next Phase of Construction

27 March 2017 12961

The end of the first month of spring was marked by a small yet a step in the construction of the object well familiar to all of you, formally known as “the center for innovative developments, demonstration, certification, testing, production and updating of SkyWay transport technology and creation of new generations of transport and infrastructure systems, as well as the development of agroecotechnologies and “EcoDom” technology.

Contractors in SW EcoTechnoPark have completed building the main part of the urban complex of string communication systems, which at the same time serves as the booster section for the high-speed route, where all the trusses are mounted, except those two ones directly adjacent to the transport and logistics SW hub combined with the terminal anchor support and the second anchor support.

We offer to your attention a short video on this event in the history of building the track structure that have started earlier than all the others have.

Mikhail Kirichenko