EcoTechnoPark: first kilometers on the Sky Way

EcoTechnoPark: first kilometers on the Sky Way

01 December 2016 16127

Operation trials of the SkyWay unibike were launched on the section of the lightweight urban track. The rolling pod suspended on string rails will have to pass through the entire set of checks, where all the main technical features will be measured: dynamic characteristics of the vehicle (acceleration, braking), the coefficient of adhesion of the chassis with the rail, operation of the systems of automated control and energy supply.

At the same time, the track structure of the lightweight urban track passes testing, too. As it was announced earlier, the operation trials shall be initially conducted on tracks without the use of pre-stressed steel strings inside the rail to fully examine the behavior of the track structure in emergencies, as well as the possibility of a detailed study of structural features in terms of critical loads. In its final stage, testing will be carried out on completely assembled string rails.

All the test events are conducted under the personal supervision of the General designer and author of the SkyWay transport technology Anatoly Yunitskiy. In an interview to the SkyWay news service he commented on the progress of testing the track structure and rolling stock started in EcoTechnoPark.

The interview was recorded on 28 November 2016.

Viacheslav Evtukh