EcoTechnoPark: construction works

EcoTechnoPark: construction works

25 August 2015 3805

Construction works have started on the EcoTechnoPark territory. Today the site is being cleaned for the preparation of an anchor support ditch. Bulldozers accurately remove the fertile layer of soil, which will later be returned back, because, as it was planned, the Park will be developed with blossoming gardens and flowerbeds.

The schedule of construction is very close timing. Every day is planned by minutes. So as not to slow down the rate of works, all the issues are solved right at the site.

To clean the site, preparation of access roads, rigging and assembly works, the SkyWay company have invited a contractor that will ensure performance of the whole scope of works. 

Nikolai Pavlyuchenko, Director General of "Stroimontazh" company: "The task for this week is to excavate a ditch, remove the black soil and make temporary access roads, place concrete slabs. Then we shall start armature works and I think approximately on the 5-th of September we shall accept the first concrete. It will be difficult to keep to the schedule but we shall do our best".

The builders really face a complex task, but they admit it as interesting. All the things, that have been invented by the engineering designer and developed in design departments, is now transferred into a real object. In a couple of months, Ecotechnopark will become a centre with harmonious coexistence of advanced transport and ecological SkyWay technologies – future technologies, designed to become present.

Ulyana Orlova