SkyWay Freight Route: installing Elements for U-turns

SkyWay Freight Route: installing Elements for U-turns

19 January 2018 5324

SkyWay Technologies Co. has completed assembling supports at the reversal section of the freight track, started to install trusses at U-turns and proceeds with concreting the pit of loading/unloading terminal at SkyWay test and demonstration center EcoTechnoPark.

As a reminder, SkyWay freight complexes can be used for transportation of industrial bulk cargoes (ore, coal, crushed stone, gravel, sand, overburden rocks, etc.); liquid cargo (oil and oil products, bitumen oil, chemical products, liquefied gases, high-quality natural drinking water, etc.); unit loads (timber, steel products, containers, etc.); special cargo (domestic and industrial waste, etc.).

SkyWay freight systems can be built at almost any type of terrain and operated year-round under any climatic conditions. The volume of cargo transportation in these systems is up to 200 million ton/year, and the prime cost of haulage can be much lower than the cost of freight transportation on railroads.

Viacheslav Evtukh