EcoTechnoPark: foundation pit for anchor support is ready!

EcoTechnoPark: foundation pit for anchor support is ready!

01 September 2015 3292

Dr.  Anatoly Yunitsky begins his narration about the progress of works on the construction site in the following way: "Before we tell you more about what is happening now in SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, I would like to recall what we had here a month and a half ago."

Quite recently, there was a vacant lot here. However, from the moment of our obtaining the construction permit, everything changed. Engineering geodesic surveys were carried out in a short time to determine the readiness of the site for construction. Performed were cultural and technical works on the preparation of allocated land for targeted use − uprooting of trees and stumps, clearing bushes, clearing the horizon from boulders, creation of the site layout.

Already installed is the first element of the security system and EcoTechnoPark perimeter fencing, designed by the string technology. General civil works have started. Actually, every element of EcoTechnoPark is a unique engineering structure created for the first time!

Despite this, work is proceeding according to the approved schedule – earthworks for construction of the first anchor support have just begun last Thursday, and today the pit is ready! The following stages are: installation of the formwork, arrangement of reinforcement and concreting. We will regularly inform our investors about their completion. Please, follow the news!

Take part in the implementation of a major transport infrastructure project of the XXI century!

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Ulyana Orlova