Again the same trap, or...

Again the same trap, or...

03 Junе 2016 5074

Recently the founder of the Internet-retailer "Amazon" billionaire Jeff Bezos appealed the humankind for the transfer of heavy industries in the outer space to save the Earth. "This is the best planet. We must protect it," he said. According to Bezos, industries requiring large energy consumption should not be located on the Earth, as its resources are limited here, whereas in space solar energy is available continuously and in unlimited amounts. "All our heavy industries will be moved off-planet in a few hundred years... We can build gigantic plants in space" − claims Bezos. According to the billionaire, people's homes and light industrial objects servicing their small needs will remain on the planet. It is the first thing.                                 

On November 13, 2015, the Council on construction of high-rise buildings announced "The best world skyscraper of the year 2015". It became the high-rise building "Vertical forest" in Milan designed by the Italian architectural company "Stefano Boeri Architetti". It is a residential complex of two towers, decorated with almost 1,000 live trees and more than 2,000 other green plants. The architects called it a model of an environmentally sustainable residential building, which is a universal response to urbanization. It is the second thing.

Don′t these events remind you anything? Didn′t you understand what unites them?

Here is what − the SkyWay project creator A.Yunitskiy sees the future of our planet just this way. He has been working on the implementation of all these ideas for decades now. In an interview Dr.Yunitskiy answered the question about what he felt seeing how his projects were embodied abroad in the following way: "I feel satisfaction on the one hand and regret on the other: satisfaction from knowing that my ideas are implemented... and regret that it was done not by us".

It is his idea that the humanity simply has no other way of development except for moving industries in the near space, into the near-earth orbit. After all, it was he, who has found one of the most realistic and probably the only possible technical solution for rocketless industrialization of outer space and held the first International conference on the rocketless space exploration, has published several scientific papers and monographs. The USSR State Cinema Committee even produced about it a popular science film "In the sky by wheel", which was played on the screens in the USSR and abroad more than a quarter of a century ago.

Not so long ago the idea of greening building roofs and planting vertical gardens was attributed to the category of radical innovation. However, the concepts of high-rise buildings of the XXI century with a predominance of "green" elements built into their design become more and more popular. But the greening of high-rise buildings with the transfer of soil from under their foundations for the creation of gardens and recreational areas on the roofs of stations, improvement of soil structure by adding humus are an integral part of Skyway technologies, including that one within the concept of a "linear city" (another Yunitskiy′s idea)!


In addition, how can we not mention the idea recently announced by Elon Musk (another billionaire, super Manager) on creating a vehicle traveling in a vacuum tube located on a viaduct, which was called "Hyperloop"? As much as 40 years ago, A.Yunitskiy began to develop his innovative high-speed transport system with particularly this idea. Later he somewhat modified it, because he has found a more safe, reliable, low-cost and easy option, which is embodied at the present moment. However, the idea of vacuum tubes — in his opinion — is more suitable for a general planetary vehicle, or the "Sky wheel".  Judging by the rate of A.Yunitskiy′s ideas implementation, the time of its creation is also not far off.

Forces and resources, governing the world, pick up unique ideas and embody them in reality, without referring to the authorship. It doesn't matter if they were borrowed directly from

A.Yunitskiy, or, as they say, "the idea was up in the air." Most importantly, there is no doubt – he sees, he knows what kind of the world will be tomorrow, for all of his ideas inevitably find their embodiment. Mindful of how many brilliant ideas, expressed by our compatriots, were implemented abroad, and now we have to import them, paying triple the price, I would wish only one thing − so that we finally take into account the mistakes of the past.
Or again the same trap?!

Mikhail Kirichenko