A book with SkyWay on the cover is published in America

A book with SkyWay on the cover is published in America

29 August 2016 6477

With the closer commissioning of the first stage of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, the interest to the string transport increases like an avalanche. We keep you up to date on the most important (in our opinion) publications in mass media, specialized and popular science editions, not even trying to grasp the immensity. However, we could not go by past this publication.

Its author is already known to our partners ― Mikhail Orlov, professor, doctor of technical sciences on two specialities (computer engineering and computer-aided design systems), co-founder and scientific Director of TRIZ Academy. Mikhail Orlov is the author and co-author of over 220 publications, including 12 text-books and monographs and more than 50 personal inventions (Author’s Certificates and patents) and more than 200 inventions made in the interests of customers. He implements the development of TRIZ theory, leads designing of products and technologies, the organization of global partnership and distribution of MTRIZ (M stands for “Modern”).

In July 2016, in New York, a book "ABC-TRIZ" of 534 pages by Mikhail Orlov was released in English. The author examines in detail the creative content and justification of the projects by the creator of SkyWay transport Anatoly Yunitskiy from the TRIZ point of view. He also describes the history of SkyWay development, which, after many years of hard struggle with circumstances, has finally passed to the experimental construction phase in the Republic of Belarus.

The illustration attached below shows that a separate chapter of the book covers the General Planetary Vehicle, and the name of SkyWay creator is placed in line with such iconic thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs like Werner von Siemens, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and others.

Of course, the purpose of this news release can not be a deep analysis of the scientific work by the "double" doctor of technical sciences. To those interested in the SkyWay and TRIZ and are fluent English speakers, we can report that at the time of writing this piece of news there were still 4 copies of the book for 119 US dollars on Amazon.

To those who prefer a native word, we can advise to wait until the end of 2016. According to the contract, it is planned to publish a similar book by that time (as a combination of three of the five books by Mikhail Orlov published within the last 10 years in the Russian language) in Russia.

For reference: TRIZ (Creative Design Thinking) is the field of knowledge about the mechanisms of developing technical systems and methods of inventive problem solving. TRIZ is a generalized experience of inventions and studying the laws of science and technology development.

Mikhail Kirichenko