Perfect Combination of Experience and Innovation

Perfect Combination of Experience and Innovation

18 May 2020 12486

We bring to your attention another video, announced in one of “SkyWay in Brief” releases. The company-developer of transport of the future pays great attention to the use of the most advanced ways to set up the labor process. However, even in creating the technologies of tomorrow, it is impossible to do without methods that have passed the test of time: even in the work on a high-speed unibus that can travel at 500-km/h speed, the so-called “setting layout” was used. The fact is that only with its help, the issues related to the internal space, in other words, to the interior of the vehicle, are clarified. As a result, quite a reliable information is obtained to correct the drawing and design documentation, and an aesthetic conception is formed about it.

But even in this time-tested method, our professionals could not do without improving it: to work out layout options, as well as search for design solutions at the early designing stage, Unitsky String Technologies Co. have developed a setting makeup-transformer. Its structure allows to change its dimensions and shape. Thus, you can assess live the comfort level, ease of boarding passengers and even maneuvering the wheelchair for people with disabilities. At this stage, we have already passed “early validation” of various seat models and their placement options, determined the minimum comfortable cabin dimensions of the next model of the urban unibus.

German Tischenko
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19 May 2020
Когда хотя бы примерно Выйдет на "длинные рельсы юнибус на 500 км/час ?

Больше роликов из Шарджи, Как там дела ?

Объявили о ЗАО " Струнные технологии". Не помню, когда стало закрытым ?
1) Уже должен был выйти, но мир непредсказуем... тем не менее работаем над этим, делаем всё возможное, чтобы поскорее! 2) В Шардже всё в порядке, стройка не останавливалась. Опять же в связи с пандемией коронавируса въезд в ОАЭ съёмочной группы сейчас, к сожалению, невозможен. 3) ЗАО "Струнные технологии" было зарегистрировано в этом качестве в феврале 2015 г. С тех пор, естественно, и стало закрытым.

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