Special Electric Vehicle from SkyWay Will Be Presented at InvaExpo 2018

Special Electric Vehicle from SkyWay Will Be Presented at InvaExpo 2018

11 September 2018 4342

SkyWay Technologies Co., developer of SkyWay string transport will present its subsidiary project – an electric vehicle for people with disabilities at the exhibition InvaExpo 2018 to be held from 12 to 14 September in Moscow at VDNKh (Exhibition of Economic Achievements). According to the principle of naming the SkyWay model range, the vehicle was called Unimobile. The Unimobile is designed with the purpose to eliminate the obstacles in mobility, which are usually typical for converted standard models. The novelty is hardly similar to any of the presently existing cars. It will be possible to observe this unique vehicle, fully equipped and ready for operation, at the exhibition.

In search for variants of a permanent name, SkyWay Technologies Co. has conducted a contest, in which SkyWay project’s supporters expressed their offers. The award for the five authors of the most suitable, creative and conceptual names for the car will be a block of 20,000 SkyWay shares.

Names of the contest winners:

R. Ronchetti – “Freemo” from the words "Free moving", free movement

L. Thibau – “Zumo”, this word means “hovering above the surface” in the international language Esperanto

А. Klushin – “UniHelper”, assistant from SkyWay

M. Raspelli – iCAN, from the English “I can”, the title shows that with the help of an electric car a person in a wheelchair gets opportunities that he didn’t have before.

D. Yarota – “20” or “Twenty”, from Article 20 of the “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of the United Nations”, according to which the participating States commit themselves to take effective measures to ensure individual mobility of disabled people with the greatest possible degree of independence.

In the process of shaping and refining the development strategy of the electric vehicle project, one of the winner names can become permanent. The Company’s management decided that it is too early to determine the final version; a more detailed study of the project’s business model is required.

The VIII International specialized Exhibition “InvaExpo. Society for All” will be held on September 12-14 in Moscow at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Pavilion 75 (Hall B). SkyWay will exhibit at display stand B9, we invite all those willing to examine the new development of our Company!

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