News from the General Designer

News from the General Designer

05 August 2022

Dear friends, on his page in a professional social network, the author of string technologies has recently shared the news (it has later appeared in more detail on the developer's website) about the visit of Vladimir Boglaev, a well-known Russian economic practitioner, General Director of the Cherepovets Foundry and Mechanical Plant.

During the conversation, the interlocutors discussed non-rocket industrialization of near space and the development of string transport and linear cities as elements of the EcoWorld program.

Vladimir Boglaev has also visited EcoTechnoPark, where he has seen string technologies in action and has got acquainted with the concept of eco-houses. Subsequently, he has spoken about his visit on the popular Russian YouTube channel “Studio Rubezh”.

All the details are in the video in Russian. Find the English text below the video.

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- Good afternoon, dear viewers! Today is 30th July 2022. It is Saturday. On the air, there are daily news reports from the fronts. We have Vladimir Nikolaevich Boglayev with us.  He is a practicing economist, General Director of Cherepovets Foundry and Mechanical Plant. Vladimir Nikolaevich, we are glad to see you.  Good afternoon.

- Good afternoon, dear viewers.  I wish you good and positive mood. As I promised yesterday, let us get to what I have managed to work through these days. I am still working in the Republic of Belarus now, having a very busy schedule.

As I have promised, our today's talk will be not a tactical but a global one. We will have to break away from our sinful Earth a little, but it is worth it. Although, speaking of minor nuances, I can't get used to the fact that in Belarus, milk, even in the fridge, is stored for two, maximum three days. If you forget about it and leave the milk on the table, in three hours, the milk is good only for making pancakes. Belarusian milk goes sour very quickly. Just like at the time when I was a little kid. In Russia, I am already weaned off the fact that milk can go sour. But that is not what we are going to talk about today.

Today, we are going to talk about options. I have already said that I consider myself a happy person in my own way on the grounds that I am lucky enough to meet some very interesting, extraordinary people, who share with me information that is rarely in the public domain. At least, because one can experience shock from this information. Or conversely, assume that his interlocutor is just crazy. Although, the regalia of people who have communicated with me, or, vice versa, the absence of those regalia, but the level of initiation into a particular topic, does not allow one to assume madness. They have been different people, different beliefs, different schools of thought. And those people have talked about the future, in a way that I have been prepared to accept that future and agree with it, and those who could see a scenario of that future, have seen in a way that my brain has not at all been ready to accept, and has resisted accepting their ideas and the means to achieve those ideas. I could not even see them as necessary and possible ones. But nevertheless, the logic of reasoning, in one group or another, has allowed me to change my ideas about the world I live in, and about where the world, civilisation, humanity is going to. Now I have had another such encounter having met a man who has another new idea. Like all such people, they elicit a mixed reaction, and their cause, purpose and path are accompanied by non-acceptance and sometimes even open anger. 

Today, I do not want to, and I will not get into the specifics of his business structure, his marketing solutions. It is not realistic in a couple of days. You can make a mistake and let down either him or his people. I do not want to mislead anyone, and I do not encourage them to believe in this project, especially, since this project is not about money. It is a worldview project or one of the visions of our future. So, today I'm talking about my acquaintance with Anatoli Eduardovich Unitsky. He is a very peculiar engineer-inventor, entrepreneur, scientist and businessman, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Designer of Unitsky String Technologies, Inc., Minsk, Republic of Belarus. A citizen of the union state. He is also the author of the concept of a non-rocket transportation system for near-Earth space exploration, and of the General Planetary Vehicle. And in a more mundane, near time view, there is another idea, and perhaps someone has heard of it.

This is an implementation of the string transport technology. This technology is positioned as one of the options for a new type of elevated light rail transportation. Even the names of these ideas immediately make you want to call a doctor, and not argue too much with the bearer of the idea yourself. But here is a little place near Minsk called Maryina Gorka, and here is the prototype of this system. And here am I, in this "impossible" system, riding in this "impossible" vehicle that could not be there, because scientists, financial experts and controllers say so. But I am riding in it.

Let us assume that none of this, in fact, exists yet. And there are no lines of this technology already in operation, launched by Unitsky in the United Arab Emirates to where, by the way, he flew out after talking to me. Straight into his fantasy asylum: ward 6. I don't need to. I have investigated this "room", and it is no better or worse than the other wards on this floor where I lie.

There is an idea that I am going to tell you about today, and we will probably discuss it. You can think of me as crazy and make allowances for that. Let the viewer take it critically, with a healthy sense of disbelief, just as one option for our planetary future. We are doing our rundown from a small section of the home front. And that is why we cannot always look up and figure out what is really going on in the world. But all our viewers feel that in reality, the scale of war and global change far exceed the boldest conspiracy theories we are currently discussing. We have every reason to do so. The events of recent years that conventionally repeat the names of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, prevent us from treating what has happened in recent years as a chain of random events. On the contrary, it looks very much like a well-thought-out scenario, and a road that is not clear how to turn off. The flags are already laid out, and we are being hustled straight to the shooters behind us. But despite this, professional hunters have long proved, that once a wolf has left the encirclement, once and for all it ceases to fear the flags. What is more, not only does he himself cease to be afraid of flags and walk away from encirclement, but he also actively applies what he has learned about and teaches his kindred. 

So, let us check which flags the hunters have stretched for us, and if it is that wolf that will jump over these flags first. In the meantime, we are still being hustled towards the shooters. Let us review what I see and know from communicating with the bearers of the ideas for which we are being hustled towards these shooters.

Their logic is something like this: we are evolving as a technocratic civilisation. We are constantly increasing consumption and, therefore, production. Sooner or later, with the waste of production and of our own livelihood, civilization will make the planet uninhabitable for normal life. That is one version. 

According to another, if we assume the existence of a higher consciousness on our planet Earth, it will trigger the sunset scenario of the current civilisation itself. And then, all sorts of works by the Club of Rome and other ideologues of closed organizations begin, which, little by little, are to get people used to the idea that too many of them is bad,  and it will be good if there are not more than 500 million people on the Earth, which they are not ashamed telling us about. Looking affectionately into our eyes they say: "You should better take the comfortable way yourself, how you die. Otherwise, we may leave you no choice, and we will choose what to do with you ourselves."

And indeed, we have less and less choice every day. We are really running at the flags someone has laid out for us. In short, Unitsky's idea is that while he agrees that our civilisation is technocratic, he sees another way to solve this problem. These are challenges of reducing human impact on the planet, and, therefore, a different future for humanity, at least, in terms of numbers. Those of you who remember dialectics and three laws of development understand that population growth can be not bad, but on the contrary, good. Because growth will allow the law of transition of quantity into quality to be worked out in full. And if you turn to Vernadsky's theory (although it can be turned one way or the other), but referring to Vernadsky's noosphere as the highest stage in the evolution of the biosphere, whose emergence is linked to the development of society, then, it is not by restarting civilization that the planet can be saved, by first destroying it completely and then restarting the development of a new technocratic civilization, but to move to a higher evolutionary stage by the transition from quantity to quality. 

A lot of the communication between us goes beyond popular conversation, but what a planet might look like with not 7, not 8, not 10 billion, not 500 million, but 50 or even 70 billion people, I have looked at near Minsk, in Belarus, and I have even lived in that place.

Any citizen, if they wish, can come there and live in something what cannot be. That is an interesting idea. You can have a different take on it, but I find it more sympathetic than the version spelled out for you and me on the blown-up Georgia Tablets. And how fantastic, how realistic it is, I will say the following: it is a version, and in my opinion, it is not the worst one.

Here is a house that leaves no impact on nature, no matter how many people live there. The more people live in it, the warmer, brighter, and more nourished that house is. Nearby, you can pick non-GMO fruit, catch fish, cook it. All is natural, without any impact on nature. Waste is only organic. There are points in Unitsky's ideology that certainly could be taken as a certain kind of problem, if we are talking about the fact that in one way or another, the development of mankind is related to the space, then, even on this occasion, Unitsky also proposes to consider options that certain unpleasant things for human beings should be taken out of the planet. It is not for man to go off-planet, but for that which interferes with man and the planet to be moved off-planet. That is an idea, and it makes sense to work with it.   

Now, when we are in Russia, in Belarus, we cannot go to the usual vacation spots, and places in Sochi are very expensive, not everyone can afford them. Only the oligarchs can have a rest in the mountains of Sochi. And we are in a spot near Minsk, in Maryina Gorka. An eco-village has been built and lives its life here. This is for holidaymakers.  Behind me, you can see a small pond where you can catch fish. It will be cooked for you by the cook, or you can cook it yourself. By the way, the second-tier road, on which the vehicles of the future run, is also clearly visible behind this pond. Behind me, you can see the house I live in now, and anyone can come and live in that house as well. This house, apart from the comfort, is interesting in that there is no sewage system in it. This house has no sewage system at all. And yet, there are standard rooms that have a bathroom, a shower stall where you can wash yourself as much as you want and when you want. And the more you wash yourself, the better it is for this house and for the ecology of this village. 

And why this is so, and why this house is flourishing more and more, from your going to the bathroom of this house and washing yourself, we will show you now. You will see why this house can comfortably feed several families, and not with any GMO food, but with the most natural food.

So, let us go inside. We can see a blooming tropical garden inside this accommodation. And the more people live in this house, the more lushly this tropical garden blooms in all seasons, all year round. You can pick ripe fruit here from the branches of this orchard. By the way, here are ripe figs that can be eaten. All those who wish are welcome to come and have a look and taste for themselves. Here is another one, an even tastier fruit. Yes. They are ripe.

And this is the sanitary unit. We will go in and show you what it looks like. This is what a bathroom with no sewage system looks like. Here is a shower stall, a sink and a toilet, but no sewage system. And the more people live in this house, the thicker and more beautiful the tropical garden in the lobby of our house is.

But that is not all. You can go upstairs and see what the roof looks like, in this ecohouse, in which you can wash yourself a lot, and both nature and the energy-saving company will thank you.

We are on the roof of this eco-friendly house. The same kind of houses are next door, there is the same kind of house, and that is what the roof of that house looks like. If you do not like figs, no one is stopping you from indulging in other berries. There are strawberries, currants, gooseberries. Everything grows thanks to the fact that you live here. Not despite, but because of you, everything is green here. Here are apples, grapes the Belarusian way. The grapes are not ripe yet, but in August, you can already press wine from them. And again, that is thanks to the people who live here. 

Bumblebees. That is the only thing that might scare you a bit. If you like to have herbal tea, you can pick herbs here. And in the evening, or in the afternoon, you can make your own tea.

We understand that there are foreign slogans about the need for green energy, the need to reduce population and consumption, but there are other options on how to make sure we do not have to eliminate population and reduce the number of people. Reducing the pressure on nature can be achieved by completely different options that have been developed in our union republic of Belarus near Minsk. If anyone doubts, you can come and live here, and see that, by and large, you don't have to leave only 500 million people on the planet for the planet to be green and everything to be good.

The organizers of this ecological miracle in Belarus have calculated that this kind of technologies, allow at least 70 billion people to live quality of life on the planet. This is our answer to the "global Chamberlain". 

It is always better to see for yourself, so I thought it made sense to get out of the office today and show how things are going on our home fronts, not just with technologies substitution, but with global ideas in our union state.  

Nikolay Pestov
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05 August 2022
Супер рассказ и отзывы умного человека! Браво!

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