EcoFest 2018: Report of the General Designer

EcoFest 2018: Report of the General Designer

07 August 2018 21551

Speech by the General designer of SkyWay project designing Company Anatoly Yunitskiy during EcoFest 2018 – an annual event that takes place on-site of the testing and demonstration center of the Company-developer of SkyWay transport systems – EcoTechnoPark.

In his speech addressed to thousands of investors from dozens of countries Anatoly Yunitskiy summarized the Сompany’s development for the year, commented on the latest developments and new products of rolling stock and outlined the promising vectors for the international development of SkyWay technology.

We quote Anatoly Yunitsky’s speech in full:


“Dear friends, partners, investors and just enthusiasts of SkyWay!

I am glad to greet you all at EcoFest, already the third in a row. EcoFest is not just a meeting of friends, it’s also a reporting session of the engineering Company SkyWay Technologies Co. for its founder “Global Transportation Investment Incorporated”, for co-owners of the technology present here and hundreds of thousands investors who could not to come to Maryina Gorka on this day.

Today you saw everything with your own eyes, got a lot of impressions and I want to share one more with you. Here is what I was told recently by a government member of the Emirates, who had seen many technological miracles in his life: “you have done so much, “just-in-time system”, for about $ 50 million without sustainable financing and real support, that many well-known corporations having billions of profits would not be able to do for $ 5 billion. You, as innovators, are unique and an exception, not a rule.”

We have our own 4-storey office building; our own production facility with several workshops equipped with the most modern equipment and machine-tool fleet; we already employ more than 600 engineers; we have 36 hectares of land near the capital, on which we have built 5 test tracks with a total length of about 4 kilometers. We have designed and manufactured 6 fundamentally different models of rail cars – these are only passenger vehicles – unicar, unibike, suspended unibus, double-rail unibus, high-speed unibus and uniwind. Most of them are certified. We have made the world’s largest drone and have also created a social electric car. We have arranged our own production of a whole range of motor-wheels and have developed an intelligent safety system and rolling stock control. We even have a string intelligent perimeter security system.

Four types of rolling stock are certified: a 2-seat unibike, a 14-passenger monorail unibus, a 48-passenger double-rail unibus and a unicar that rides on a sagging track in two versions:

18-seat three-section and 6-seat single-section vehicles. You can ride in 3 of them today, except for unibike: after the exhibition in Singapore, it is now on its way heading back home.

We have designed and manufactured a unique 6-seat high-speed family-type unibus, i.e. our Skyway sports electric car, which will premiere in September in Berlin at the international trade fair Innotrans-2018. Despite the low capacity, like in a car, it will allow in the long term to ensure the performance efficiency of SkyWay high-speed intercity routes of more than a million passengers per day, which is tenfold more than that of a high-speed railway, with the consumption of electricity (in terms of fuel) –- 8 liters per 100 kilometers of a route, or 1.33 liters per 100 passenger-kilometers. For example, the analogues ― 2-seat sports cars of the same class ― will spend at the speed of 500 km/h more than 100 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers of the road (although they will not be able to develop this speed, since a car would need an engine with the capacity of about 3 thousand horse powers). Just like Henry Ford’s private cars of family type that once conquered the whole world, eventually defeating railway, which had a large-scale development in the 19th century, this high-speed unibus will become a sales leader in the near future, when a network of SkyWay routes appears, as it will not be more expensive than a traditional car.

SkyWay, Sky Way, SkyWay in Belarus Yunitsky, string transport, EcoTechnoPark, EcoFest2018, general designer, report

Actually, everything we do is filled with humanism: with the only correct attitude towards the world through love to the entire Mankind and to each person, with the struggle for their prosperity. We have many people with disabilities among our investors including wheelchair invalids and I promised to help them by expanding their communication possibilities providing new opportunities. Not only for our investors. About 130 million people in the world are disabled wheelchair users, who depend on mobility to receive jobs. With this electric car they can become, for example, taxi drivers or pizza deliverymen. The driver will ride into the car in a wheelchair and, sitting in it, will be able to drive it. The chair itself is designed as a driver’s seat with an electric drive, in which one can drive 40 km at 20 km/h speed, that is, the wheelchair itself, which has no analogues in the world, is a small electric vehicle. We will show this development at a specialized exhibition in Moscow in September this year to attract maximum attention not only to the development, but also to the problem of mobility for people with disabilities.

SkyWay technology demonstrates its universality and creativity more and more. During this year, we have implemented a number of products that accompany SkyWay transport demonstrating the potential of infrastructure synergy inherent in the engineering basis of SkyWay technology.

For example, based on the Ka-26 helicopter, we have designed and manufactured the largest drone in the world that can transport 1.5 tons of cargo at a height of several kilometers at 170 km/h speed for a distance of up to 500 kilometers. This is not a toy – it is necessary for us to build string routes under challenging natural and climatic conditions: in the mountains, at the intersection of rivers, over lakes and marshes, in jungles and tundra. It is successfully passing performance tests now.

The drone is a real helicopter for sale, it has an autopilot designed by us and an intelligent control system with technical vision. Such a drone will cost at least $ 5 million in the aviation market, the need for such aircraft is thousands pieces and it is already arousing great interest in many countries around the world.

SkyWay, Sky Way, SkyWay in Belarus Yunitsky, string transport, EcoTechnoPark, EcoFest2018, general designer, report

We have built a pedestrian string bridge – an easy, beautiful and inexpensive one to show that we can design and build new types of string bridges: automobile, railway, pedestrian ones. They will be 2 times less costly than traditional beam bridges and there will be no temperature seam over each support – the most problematic spot of the traditional beam bridge, where each wheel of the car knocks and jumps up, which reduces the service lifetime of both the bridge and the car.

Through these and other developments, we demonstrate one of the most important features of SkyWay technology – its flexibility. For instance, we have reconstructed the lightweight overpass on Г-shaped supports strengthening both the track structure and supports, therefore you can ride in a 14-passenger unibus on it. However, it is 5 times heavier than unibike, for which this track was designed and built.

We have built another string track over our inner motor-road – a super-light one with a span of about 250 meters. However, it looks somewhat heavy due to high supports, with which stations and a depot are combined.

Unfortunately, no matter how we want and whatever efforts we put in, not everything goes as planned. It will be easy for those who will follow us, who have paved this road. This way is thorny for us. For instance, the super-light track is not completed. Suppliers of high-strength wire let us down. As a result, there are no strings in the rail track structure, so we cannot show how another one of our electric vehicles – a two-seat suspended uniwind works. It stands on the ground near the guest house. We cannot show the drone in action here either. This requires a pilot license for EcoTechnoPark and it will not be issued to us, especially for such scores of people.

I'm often asked why we are not building a high-speed route, saying that we are lagging behind the schedule and spending too many investments.

Firstly, we did more than was planned for considerably less funds; even our foreign partner, whom I quoted, said about this.

Secondly, we are a venture and plans are not a dogma, but a vector of development. For example, who could have assumed that I would be declared a Russian spy in Lithuania, file a criminal case, block all accounts and take away all property? One intelligent person in Lithuania told me then: “You will not prove anything. If you do not want them to find cartridges under your pillow and drugs in your pocket, you need to leave Lithuania with your family urgently.”

Now the criminal case has been closed, the money has been returned, and I have already filed a lawsuit against the Lithuanian government in the entity of the Prosecutor General’s Office, who initiated a case against me for no reason, most likely by a phone call from the high quarters. I demand compensation in the amount of 10 million euros for the image damage done to me and SkyWay, as well as for the loss of profit. Only Lithuania alone threw us back by 2 years and reduced the volume of investments by at least $ 100 million.

SkyWay, Sky Way, SkyWay in Belarus Yunitsky, string transport, EcoTechnoPark, EcoFest2018, general designer, report

I remember how 3 years ago I stood alone here, “in the open field”, on a tank range overgrown with weeds, and thought: “What should I do?”.

Do you think we were met better in Belarus? The most widely read electronic media “” and “Onliner” posted a series of biased articles, in which SkyWay was called a financial pyramid, EcoTechnoPark – smoke and mirrors, and urged to deal with me. I remember one of hundreds of similar comments under these articles, which might have been written by corrupt journalists in my address, “Why this drunkard with a smoke-blue muzzle has not been jailed or kicked out of the country yet? What are KGB and the President thinking?” We are still suing these media and Belarusian courts are accepting the journalists’ side, “They did not insult anyone, and anyway a journalist has the right to his own opinion.” Therefore, we will proceed further – we will file a lawsuit against “Onliner” in European courts. The damage done to us should not remain unpunished.

Many designers still do not want to come to us to work because of these publications, “We will not work for rogues who will soon be jailed.” The Belarusian Minister of Transport, an obvious “Onliner’s” friend, has the same opinion about us. For example, when visiting EcoTechnoPark, he called me a criminal in the presence of government members. I know that he demanded to rip out articles about SkyWay and General designer Yunitskiy from Belavia’s corporate magazines, did not let our exposition – 14-passenger unibus and 18-passenger unicar – participate in an international exhibition in Minsk and wrote a negative conclusion to the President of Belarus. Therefore, the President did not visit our EcoTechnoPark, although such a visit was planned.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus rejected twice our application for acquiring the status of a “Scientific Organization” under the pretext, “They pulled up a small rope and started to ride on it – what kind of science is there?”. Although we have more science than some of the research institutes at the Academy.

SkyWay, Sky Way, SkyWay in Belarus Yunitsky, string transport, EcoTechnoPark, EcoFest2018, general designer, report

No wonder that we could not acquire land for the testing high-speed route of 21 km distance during 2 years, although we have collected 16 sealed approvals from power engineers and communication operators, firemen and ecologists. We received such answers from higher officials, “Your arguments that SkyWay is needed for Belarus are unconvincing – many valuable species of trees will be cut along the swamp where the route will pass, and the birds will suffer: many of them will die from the high-speed unibus”.

Well, since the mountain does not want to go to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to it. “Our investors cannot wait for years. About six months ago I started looking for an opportunity to build a high-speed test complex in another country.

Today I can reveal this country: it is the United Arab Emirates. We have received support from this country’s government.

“We really need your economical, ecological and safe routes, but we have completely different natural and climatic conditions,” they told us in the Emirates. “Unbearable heat, high humidity, hurricane winds, sea salts in the air, water and earth, which corrode any structure, sand and dust, which impregnated literally everything. We cannot take these technological risks on ourselves. Show the prototypes of your tracks here and include the costs for them in the cost of target projects under government contracts. Moreover, you do not have a high-speed complex yet, you cannot even show a speed of 150 km/h, test sites in Belarus are too short. You do not have a demonstration of transporting heavy goods, including sea containers, and there are no tracks with spans over 1 kilometer.”

The government confirmed the words with deeds. They have allocated to us land of more than 50 hectares in total for two technological SkyWay sites – one site 2.5 km long for urban and cargo complexes including that for transportation of sea containers weighing up to 35 tons, where we plan to reach speed of 150 km/h and the second site 25 km long, where we plan to reach speed of up to 600 km/h with an increase of the site length to 60 km, where we will build a Hyper-U prevacuum tube and get the speed of 1,250 km/h in the future. I have been working over this hyper-speed project for more than 40 years – since the 70s of the last century, even before I invented SkyWay. All technical solutions have already been created over these years and it will be another breakthrough transport technology, radically different, for example, from Hyperloop from Elon Musk.

SkyWay, Sky Way, SkyWay in Belarus Yunitsky, string transport, EcoTechnoPark, EcoFest2018, general designer, report

Land in the Emirates is allocated to us free of charge, although the market cost of this land is 750 million dollars. Such an investment in SkyWay is very valuable; it means that now our partner is the government of this most innovative country in the world and this country wants, unlike Russia, Lithuania and Belarus, to become the world center for development and promotion of our breakthrough transport and infrastructure technology. And it wants to have “String Valley” to be built there – an analog of the “Silicon Valley” in the USA, where there will be proven not only all string transport technologies, but also the related infrastructure technologies: linear cities, new “green” power industry, relic fertile soil, vacuum glass and much more.

We going to begin construction in the Emirates in September. Everything is ready for this. These are our first target projects, the so-called “linked projects” – prototypes of transport/infrastructure complexes for government orders in a tropical version.

As soon as we start construction, all contracts will be opened and financing on them will begin. Today we have dozens of such projects for a total length of several thousand kilometers totaling to the amount above $ 10 billion. These are cargo, urban and intercity routes in the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Middle East countries, and even in Brazil situated far from the Emirates.

Thus, in the Emirates, not just some test sites will be built, but innovative technological platforms, in which there will be created all the accompanying infrastructure required and sufficient for us to become the world leaders in SkyWay transport and infrastructure technology, namely: scientific research, educational, operational, designing and production platforms for batch production, not for pilot production, as in Minsk. There will be our own solar power generation there – linear, stretched along the route, and much more. And all this is the golden key to the orders and financing of a large number of projects around the entire world. However, we have to finance the technology in a tropical version during the remaining stages: 13th, 14th and 15th within the budget previously planned. The first major advance payments for the projects will come to us already at these stages, as it was planned before, and we will not need more funds.

SkyWay, Sky Way, SkyWay in Belarus Yunitsky, string transport, EcoTechnoPark, EcoFest2018, general designer, report

Many of our investors, especially those who have invested a small amount, are concerned about IPO, dividends and buy-back of shares. However, few people know that the largest investor is still engineer Yunitskiy. But I do not worry about my investments – they will capitalize very quickly and SkyWay Group of Companies has already been assessed at $ 5 billion by the market, since the shares with a total face value of $ 400 billion are bought in the market by thousands of investors at a discount of 80 or less. By the way, this assessment of my intellectual property in the amount of 400 billion dollars was made not by Belarusian Yunitskiy, as the Internet- flea market “Onliner” wrote, but by an independent appraisal company that has international licenses for the right to assess intellectual property and exclusive rights to know-how.

I have not only created SkyWay technology, but continue to invest in it almost all the money that I earn.

Almost 5 years ago, the investing system for financing SkyWay technology began to function under a nontraditional scheme, in the good sense of the word. It was created in the interests of investors, not in my personal ones. The total number of shares in the technology does not change with the arrival of new investors: their number is invariable, that is, the share of each investor (in percentage terms) cannot be reduced, “dissolved” by the founder, that is by me, as, for example, it happened in Facebook. Thus, as the founder, I sell a stake, and my share naturally decreases, and legally this money is mine. But in fact, I do not even see these investments, they are automatically reinvested by the system in SkyWay EcoTechnoPark. At the same time, naturally, only part of the investments, about half, reach us, although I took responsibility for all 100% of these investments. If this is a fraud, as some people believe, then it is somehow strange, if not to say – perverted. After all, swindlers usually run away with other people’s money, but here people contribute their money to the common cause and no one hides or runs away.

At present we additionally create a fundamentally new technological platform based on blockchain. This work is carried out jointly with partners from the United Arab Emirates, as it is the only country in the world where blockchain is supported and developed at the governmental level including its applications in transport sector.

SkyWay, Sky Way, SkyWay in Belarus Yunitsky, string transport, EcoTechnoPark, EcoFest2018, general designer, report

A safe and fault-tolerant system for managing all SkyWay technologies will be built on this world-class platform: Technoparks, SkyWay target projects, rolling stock, infrastructure and the world-wide Transnet network to be created. We will also launch a new crypto currency with the help of our blockchain platform. This is more than just a unit of account. Our crypto currency will allow us not only to use all the services of Transnet, but will also give everyone the opportunity to participate in its development and see their contribution.

In October this year, a new stage in our development will be presented – re-registration of obligations in SkyWay Group of Companies with their so-called “buy-back” by the Company will start. Investors will also have the opportunity to exchange their SkyWay shares for tokens of Technoparks and target projects at the blockchain platform.

I will explain this in more detail. We will give an opportunity to purchase tokens to those who were the first to invest in SkyWay technology in 2014. Then, by stages, we will add those who joined us later – in 2015, in 2016 and so on, up to those who received shares as a gift.

The exchange of shares in SkyWay technology for tokens of Technoparks and target projects will allow investors to see the real value and cost of the contribution they made more quickly. They will have an opportunity to manage tokens choosing the way of their sales.

In parallel with the exchange of obligations for tokens, the sale of crypto currency for cash will also be carried out. Therefore, the price of a token, like the price of any currency and crypto currency, is regulated by the market and will rise as long as the demand for it continues to grow.

The tokens themselves will be ensured primarily by the income of SkyWay from profitably working target projects, the number of which will become more and more in due course.

Nobody has ever proposed or done anything like this, especially on a world scale. And we will do it together with you, like we did this EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka.

SkyWay, Sky Way, SkyWay in Belarus Yunitsky, string transport, EcoTechnoPark, EcoFest2018, general designer, report

We are creating together with you an incredibly complex business in the most conservative and corrupt industry – the transport sector. The industry, where new types of transport appear once in 100 years and cut their path for decades, if not centuries. For example, if we take a simpler solution, such as a bridle, it took this invention 700 years to pass from the idea to mass use, and it took even more time for a saddle usual for all – a thousand years.

Unscrupulous competitors and their lobbyists will continue to fight with us using every “thick in the book”, therefore we should not put all eggs in one basket. And we will win, to be more exact, our unfair competitors and lobbyists of their interests will lose, because SkyWay, due to its unprecedented technical, economic and socio-political advantages over other modes of transport, is necessary for all mankind, and not for a single country, company or individual official.

It is better to be friends with us than to fight – then it will be good for everyone.

EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka will continue to develop and improve, as it was created in the logic “For 100 years”. We are not going anywhere from here, just a vector of our long-term development was updated due to the circumstances specified by me.

Thank you for your attention, and: “Build SkyWay – save the planet!”

SkyWay news service is preparing a number of news releases on EcoFest 2018, from which you will be able to learn more details about the new developments of the project designing organization and plans for the further development of SkyWay technology announced by Anatoly Yunitskiy.

Viacheslav Evtukh

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