When the news is hard to keep up with

When the news is hard to keep up with

23 May 2016 4184

New publications on SkyWay transport systems appeared online late last week, marked by the unprecedented surge in interest to the project from the media.

On May 19 the website of the information Agency NEWSTES covering events of political, economic and cultural life of Russia and the world, posted an article entitled "EcoTechnoPark — a project capable to overturn ideas about transportation." The authors seek to refute the public opinion that Russia is not able for innovative development and describe the SkyWay as an example of innovation created in our country.

It is particularly noted that the project has "already received Government support at the level of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation [...] and after certification of the transport systems, Russia can act as their buyer".

The full text of the article can be found at the link: http://newstes.ru/2016/05/19/ekotehnopark-proekt-sposobnyy-perevernut-predstavleniya-o-transporte.html (in Russian)

On May 20 the activities of the SkyWay Group of Companies was highlighted on the website kremlinrus.ru of the International Information Center "News of Russia". This center brings together representatives of state and commercial structures, scientific circles and public organizations. The main purpose of its work is the promotion of socio-economic development and increase of investment attractiveness of the Russian Federation regions. The article tells about the basics of the SkyWay technology, the prospects for its introduction into the global transport system, as well as about the current stage of its development and certification. According to the authors, a widespread application of the SkyWay transport complexes could "ensure uninterrupted access to hard-to-reach areas, to relieve cities from traffic jams, save the land and clean air...".

The article was called "Yunitsky′s string transport is the key to solving traffic problems", it can be found in full at the link http://www.kremlinrus.ru/article/419/54192/ (in Russian)

Evgeny Petrov