Video report from EcoTechnoPark dated March 25

Video report from EcoTechnoPark dated March 25

25 March 2016 5270

Throughout the whole preceding month, the staff of the Development department at SkyWay Technologies Co. was busy preparing for a very important event in the history of the SkyWay Group of Companies. We shall describe it in detail in the near future. The SkyWay team of engineers and contractor representatives have performed no less significant work during this period. You can make sure of it by watching the next news release prepared by the information service of the International Group of Companies.


The video presents:

− The new premises of the experimental Department of SkyWay Technologies Co. where they are creating a full-size model of the SkyWay rolling stock; interview with the Manager of the Department.

− The workshops and warehouse of finished products at the "Belenergostroyindustria" plant – a branch of industrial activities of the Republican Unitary enterprise "Belenergostroy", a place where many of the elements for EcoTechnoPark are manufactured. They have already prepared here the socket-type foundations, an L-shaped casting mould with a finished reinforcement cage for intermediate supports of the lightweight track structure, the erection of which begins in parallel with the construction of the urban and high-speed routes.

− SkyWay EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka where the contractors have already accomplished the removal of the formwork from the pylons of the northern wall at the first floor of the SkyWay transport and logistics hub, combined with the anchor support. The builders continue to prepare the ceiling panel of the first floor for concreting, assembly of strings on the intellectual string fencing and the creation of a walking path, which will serve as the access road during the construction phase.

Ulyana Orlova