Updated business plan of SkyWay

Updated business plan of SkyWay

07 Junе 2016 6405

The SkyWay Group of Companies continues to follow the policy of maximum transparency and openness. In confirmation of these words we present the updated business plan of the investment project "Creation of EcoTechnoPark – the Center for certification, testing and improvement of the "second level" transport system by SkyWay technology in the town of Maryina Gorka, Minsk region". The document was prepared to estimate the financial and economic efficiency of implementing the investment project "EcoTechnoPark" and updated to reflect recent realities taking place in the life of the SkyWay Group of Companies. Organizational, investment and financial plans, project performance indices, risk assessment – you will find this and much more in the proposed document.

For information and further work with investors and partners, you can download the business plan or review it online in the section "Documentation" of your personal account at: https://account.rsw-systems.com (in Russian)

The English version of the business plan is at the stage of translation now.

Ulyana Orlova