Transition to the sixth stage of development of the SkyWay group of companies

Transition to the sixth stage of development of the SkyWay group of companies

17 November 2015 4403

The SkyWay group of companies has announced the successful completion of the fifth stage of development.

At this stage we have demonstrated that the company passes from promises to real actions. We offer you to recall the most significant events of this stage:

• In the town of Mariyna Gorka, Pukhavichy district, Republic of Belarus we started the construction and assembly works on the creation of test complexes of SkyWay transport systems and infrastructure in EcoTechnoPark (Mariyna Gorka). They included clearing of the territory, installation of poles for string fencing, arrangement of formwork, laying of reinforcement, concreting and building of pylons for the SkyWay station combined with the anchor support, assembly of concrete foundations for intermediate supports.

• The SkyWay group of companies together with the public Association "Pukhavichy krai" received a grant from the UN under the program "Support of the Transition to a Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus".

• We continued work with customers and suppliers of equipment, components, assemblies and units.

• We continued work on the project documentation on test SkyWay complexes of the fourth generation on a "turnkey" basis.

• Ceremonial opening of the monumental and decorative composition "Zero kilometer" was held - the actual start of the SkyWay routes.

• We successfully conducted several stages of the campaign "Plant a tree" through which EcoTechnoPark can rightly be considered the heart of the environmental preservation.

• We received support of experts in the field of transport at the international level: from former Deputy Minister of Railways of the Russian Federation Sergey Grishin and the former Head of the Department of planning, transport and infrastructure of South Australia, CEO of the consulting company Rod Hook and Associates (RHA) Rod Hook, a specialist of one of the major global engineering companies Aaron Hargraves.

• The agreement of intent was signed with the CEO of the consulting company Rod Hook and Associates (RHA) Rod Hook, which will serve as an impetus to speedy implementation of the SkyWay project throughout the whole world.

• The SkyWay group of companies have prepared a preliminary project for the construction of a SkyWay transport complex in St. Petersburg on the route "Airport Pulkovo – metro station Kupchino".

In order to evaluate the company's activities over the past period, suffice it to quote the words of Anatoly Yunitskiy, who several months ago predicted what awaits us on the fifth stage of development. After viewing this video, it would be obvious: the words of the President of the SkyWay group of companies are not at odds with action.


With each new stage our main aim − demonstration and certification of the SkyWay transport system − is becoming closer and more obvious. We are confident that all future stages of development will pass as effectively as the previous ones, and we shall introduce the breakthrough SkyWay transport technology to the market on schedule.

The beginning of the next stage is scheduled on December 8, 2015. The change of the stage will be accompanied by a decrease of discount, respectively, reduced will be the profit that a new investor, joining the project, would be able to expect. So if you were going to purchase your first shares or to increase the share of participation in the group of companies, do not hesitate.


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Ulyana Orlova