Transition to the eighth stage of development of the SkyWay Group of Companies

Transition to the eighth stage of development of the SkyWay Group of Companies

03 October 2016 11359

The SkyWay Group of Companies announces the successful completion of the seventh development stage. As you know, seven is a lucky number, and this period really was very good for our project. We offer you to recall the milestone events of this stage.

1)    EcoTechnoPark. Сonstruction and installation work on creating test complexes of SkyWay transport systems and infrastructure in the demonstration and certification center continues according to the schedule. Currently contractors have completed all concrete work at 1 km section of the urban and high-speed route, where urban suspended SkyWay unibuses will be tested. Finishing work is under way in the building of the transport and logistics hub combined with the terminal anchor support. They go on assembling the steel trusses of the track structure.

All the four anchor supports and intermediate Г- and П-shaped supports of the first stage are erected on the lightweight urban SkyWay track. Intermediate supports of the second stage are ready for installation. String rails are being mounted.

Earthworks, concrete foundations and fastening elements for all the supports are completed on the cargo section of the SkyWay transport complex.

Construction of the administrative building is under way.

The rolling stock of the urban route ― unibike and unibus ― are completely equipped and ready for tests. String intelligent fencing is assembled around the whole EcoTechnoPark perimeter; SkyWay security module is produced and operates successfully.

In parallel with the construction process at EcoTechnoPark our Company actively develops the component that has given the first root to the name of the SkyWay demonstration center ― Eco. The EcoTechnoPark territory (including the roofs of some of the SkyWay transport system elements) is decorated with compositions of trees and shrubs. We remind that gardens and flowerbeds have not only an aesthetic function at EcoTechnoPark: they serve as a demonstration of how closely, but painless for each other, nature and the innovative transport infrastructure can interact.

2)    International development of the project. Active work on targeted SkyWay projects goes on. In the seventh stage of development, the Group of Companies presented the SkyWay transport technology to the first persons in such countries as Australia, Slovakia, Tanzania.

3)    Promotion of SkyWay project in Australia. The project for the implementation of SkyWay transport system on the territory of Flinders University in Adelaide goes on developing. An engineering company, which will provide full technical support to the project of a transport line on the University campus, is determined. Currently, the company SkyWay Australia is searching suitable sites to begin construction of the SkyWay test section in Australia.

4) Participation in InnoTrans 2016 ― the world’s largest exhibition in the field of transport. InnoTrans has virtually "opened a window to Europe" becoming a symbolic event in the life of the project development. InnoTrans erased all geographical boundaries and barriers significantly expanding the audience of both investors and people interested in the project. It was there that the industrial samples of rolling stock for the urban transport system as well as the string security module were demonstrated to the world public for the first time. The exhibition resulted in current negotiations proceeding with a number of international companies.

5)    Invitation at the Belarusian transport week. The Ministry of transport and communications of the Republic of Belarus officially invited SkyWay to be a participant of the event, which includes the X International specialized exhibition "Transport and logistics ― 2016 and X Belarusian transport and logistics Congress. The invitation is a confirmation to the fact that the Republic of Belarus, the country-successor of string transport technologies, considers SkyWay as a project capable to attract investment and boost the export of transport and logistics services.


The stage change will take place on October 17, 2016 at 11:55 p.m. Moscow time. The stage change will involve a reduction of the discount and, respectively, a decrease of the profit that an investor newly arrived to the project can count on.

The SkyWay Group of Companies warns in advance that the present discount will not be extended.

Ulyana Orlova