SkyWay unibike: 120 km/hour in any weather

SkyWay unibike: 120 km/hour in any weather

08 April 2016 4825

SkyWay Technologies Co. have developed an alternative to the bicycle – a light and compact vehicle called unibike that reaches an enviable speed regardless of weather conditions.

 Please watch an interview with the senior designer on the product "unibike" Anton Ivanov, first rank design engineer of the Design bureau on chassis of SkyWay Technologies Co. The Head of the information service of the International SkyWay Group of Companies Mikhail Kirichenko asked the questions that are most often found in the letters of our partners.

 You will find out almost everything about the unibike from Anton′s answers: the number of passengers, speed, mode of travel, special features, the deadline for public presentation, etc. You will hear what a motor-wheel is, which benefits its use provides to the vehicle and much more. In addition, you will also be able to see the unibike motors in assembly and disassembled, a pedal power generator, as well as – attention – parts of the unibus motor accidentally caught in the video.

Ulyana Orlova