SkyWay registers trademarks

SkyWay registers trademarks

11 April 2016 4131

The International SkyWay Group of Companies has officially secured for itself the rights on intellectual property to three versions of the logo that will brand its vehicles (unibuses), elements of track structure and other components of the technology. This procedure is an important and required stage in the process of bringing the technology to the world market. The SkyWay trademarks are a form of fixation to the uniqueness of the Group of Companies′ products, promote its visibility and, in some cases, allow to pursue efficiently corporate interests at the legislative level.

 The certificates are issued by the National center of intellectual property in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On trademarks and service marks". The right to use the marks applies to six classes of goods and services corresponding to the main activities of the Group of Companies at the current stage of its development. These are "vehicles", "passenger and cargo transportation", "metals, metal structures and their elements", "industrial and research developments", "provision of temporary accommodation and food" and "agricultural services". Currently patenting of the brand is in progress in other countries that have expressed interest in using the SkyWay transport and infrastructure solutions (including Russia, EU countries, USA, Australia, etc.) with the priority date of certificates issued in Belarus.

To minimize the costs of patenting in many countries, the trademark certificates are issued in the name of the founder of the SkyWay Group of Companies Anatoly Yunitskiy. Currently all of the rights to the SkyWay brand are delegated to the SkyWay Group of Companies, i.e. to all shareholders funding the development of engineer Yunitskiy′s SkyWay technologies.

 Illegal use of the trademarks by third parties (without official permission and license agreement with the SkyWay Group of Companies) will be prosecuted under international legislation.


Evgeny Petrov