SkyWay — reckless scheme or necessity

SkyWay — reckless scheme or necessity

24 May 2016 4043

Such was the question raised for voting live on the air by one of the major Russian radio stations "Echo of Moscow" on May 21, 2016. The vote was held by the journalists Alexey Golubev and Andrey Poznyakov — presenters of the program "City policemen". Arkady Biryukov from the city of Yekaterinburg introduced the technology. According to him, he has addressed the program presenters himself and offered them to dedicate a program release to the transport of the future.

The audience opinions divided as follows: 40% were in favor of the statement that the string transport is a reckless scheme, and 60% — that the SkyWay is indeed a worthy alternative to existing transport systems, which should complement them and replace them in the near future. By the radio host′s remark, the vote was very tense and the balance was constantly fluctuating in one direction and then the other. However, the result speaks for itself: a large part of Russian society is ready to believe in the possibility of the development of advanced technologies in their country and considers the implementation of the SkyWay transport system a vital necessity.

The daily audience of the radio "Echo of Moscow" is about 1.8 million people. According to an automated system of media monitoring and analysis "Medialogy", "Echo of Moscow" holds the first place among the most influential radio stations in Russia. By this index, "Echo" is comparable to such media as "Kommersant", "First channel" and "Vedomosti". Public opinion survey, obtained at the end of the broadcast, suggests that with the development of the SkyWay Group of Companies, the level of public credibility to it also increases. The more people learn about the project, the more they gain confidence in its necessity and feasibility. For this reason, the surge of interest to the technology from the media in recent time is able to bring the project to a qualitatively new level and have a positive impact on the pace of technology introduction into the global transport system.

The recording of the radio program "City policemen" dated May 21, 2016 is available at the link: (in Russian)

Evgeny Petrov