SkyWay Quiz

SkyWay Quiz

08 October 2015 3601

Have you long been a SkyWay shareholder and the formation of the SkyWay transport happened before your eyes? Or, are you in the project recently and want to learn about the SkyWay technology as much as possible, but lacked the incentive to do it yourself?

The SkyWay group of companies provides everyone willing a great chance to learn more details about the SkyWay transport. We announce the launch of a weekly quiz on the history of SkyWay technology.


Now everyone who is interested in the SkyWay project, can test his/her knowledge. Every Thursday at 15.00 Moscow time, in the official SkyWay group on the social network "Vkontakte", we will publish a question about the SkyWay transport. The winner is the participant, which is the first to give the correct answer. The count will go to seconds! The winner will receive 100 SkyWay shares and the rank of the honorary expert in the history of the SkyWay transport!

So, please attention: the nearest contest will be held already today, on October 8, at 15.00 Moscow time! Don't miss your chance to show off your knowledge and win 100 SkyWay shares!

P. S. You still have time to get ready for the SkyWay quiz: a lot of useful information is presented on the website of the group of companies, on the site of engineer Anatoly Yunitskiy and in the online encyclopedia "Tradition". Note: only members of the SkyWay group are allowed to participate in the contest.

Ulyana Orlova