SkyWay on website of Australian University

SkyWay on website of Australian University

18 May 2016 4149

The official website of the Australian Flinders University, where the implementation of the SkyWay transport system is planned, posted an article on the SkyWay.

The SkyWay Group of Companies intends to provide a highly efficient solution that will allow to lay, with minimal environmental impact, a route over the Uni territory having a problematic terrain.

"According to Professor Colin Sterling, if the system is appropriate, it will complement the Tonsley railway line, the extension of which was recently announced, connecting the last half a kilometer between the Flinders station outside the Flinders Medical Center and the central part of the Uni.

High-speed sustainable transport with seamless technology will serve as a catalyst for development. It corresponds to our idea of creating an innovative object that extends from Bedford Park to Tonsley. Its construction will allow us to welcome more international students, to modernize urban infrastructure objects and to revive the energy as the commercial enterprises and retail business are interested in providing services to the increasing number of students and local population", – said Professor Sterling. – SkyWay has a great potential and confirms the entrepreneurial spirit of our University. Therefore, we believe that the Flinders is best suited to implement the world's first technology that will create further opportunities for people to have access to the world-class University widely known for its innovative solutions and high standards of research activities."

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Ulyana Orlova