SkyWay at International business forum in Slovenia

SkyWay at International business forum in Slovenia

02 October 2015 4722

Representatives of the SkyWay group of companies have been invited to take part in the Belarusian-Slovenian business forum in Maribor

The International forum in Slovenia enabled us to establish a network of business contacts with government officials, potential customers and local manufacturers, working in the areas of electronics, engine manufacturing and metallurgy. There was a presentation of SkyWay technology, including a demonstration of a functioning model of a SkyWay transportation system (scale 1 : 10).

Presentation of SkyWay technology at the World economic forum in Slovenia
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The representatives of the customers (a number of major transport holdings operating in Eastern Europe) were particularly interested in the possibility of using string technologies in mountainous areas. Attractive is also the economic component of the proposal. SkyWay is one of the few alternatives ready to present the project, "painless" for a state's economy.


We will keep you up to date on the further work in this area!

Ulyana Orlova