SkyWay in Slovak media

SkyWay in Slovak media

12 July 2016 5566

The website of the Slovak information portal posted an article "Slovak University of Technology and SkyWay signed Memorandum on cooperation in the field of innovative transport developments."

"This collaboration will enhance the scientific potential of the University and enable the practical implementation of know-how created by our lecturers and researchers, – reads the news text. – Specialists in the field of transport and transport infrastructure work at the faculty of civil engineering", − emphasized the Dean of the civil engineering faculty of Slovak University of Technology Stanislav Unčík, which has signed a Memorandum with SkyWay on behalf of the University. The participation of Slovak experts in the work on further improvement of SkyWay can significantly advance it and provide additional trends in its development.

On the other hand, this innovative transport system, according to Unčík, can help to solve transport problems in the cities of the Slovak Republic. "The traffic situation is starting to become very problematic in all major cities of Slovakia. The search for efficient transportation systems, cost-effective and at the same time capable to solve transport problems of cities is vital for Slovakia. We are glad that we are now in the beginning of something new that will contribute to the solution of transport problems," − said the Dean of the civil engineering faculty of SUT.

Signing of the Memorandum of cooperation is a significant step in advancing SkyWay at the international level. The Memorandum provides for mutual support in several areas: cooperation in the development of new types of public transport; use of the experience of the SkyWay Group of Companies and SkyWay Technologies Co. in the educational process and more.

The original article on the website of the Slovak media is presented here.

The translation of the publication in English can be found here.


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