SkyWay in Mintrans of Russia: what is important and need to know

SkyWay in Mintrans of Russia: what is important and need to know

22 April 2016 6492

On February 11, 2016 a landmark event from the point of view of developing the SkyWay group of companies occurred – the string transport technology was recognized as innovative. On March 25 of the same year representatives of the SkyWay Technologies Co. became the participants of the next Meeting of the Working group on enhancing the innovativeness of public procurements in the transport complex of the Russian Federation, where the SkyWay technology has strengthened its position and got the chance to be recommended for implementation after a series of procedures specified by the Expert Council.

 One of our investors addressed the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation for the confirmation of this fact, and received a formal complete answer.

 "The main objective of the Expert Council is the advisory and methodical maintenance of pilot projects submitted by developers of innovative technologies. The Expert Council carries out preparation of analytical, informational materials and recommendations and their submission at the meeting of the Working group, analyzes the current situation in the field of public procurements in the transport sector, makes the assessment of innovative technologies and products, their economic efficiency and the prospects for the emergence of new products and technologies in the near future. <…> On February 11, 2016 the regular meeting of the Expert Council considered the technology to create freight, urban and high-speed SkyWay transport systems (hereinafter − Technology), developed at SkyWay Technologies Co. where the members of the Expert Council noted the possibility to acknowledge the Technology as innovative. SkyWay Technologies Co. was also recommended to submit additionally a project of using the proposed SkyWay transport system in respect to specific operating conditions. On March 25, 2016 at the next meeting of the Working group, the Technology was acknowledged as perspective."

Here you can study the full text of the official document, which, coupled with the Protocol is a valid confirmation of what we wrote earlier ( It puts all things right, explains in detail the essence of meetings and introduces the basic definitions and nuances of the passed bureaucratic procedure.

Ulyana Orlova