SkyWay enters the world level

SkyWay enters the world level

02 November 2015 4459

The SkyWay project is developing dynamically that is confirmed by the news about recent events in the life of the group of companies. The SkyWay technology demonstration center is under active construction, the "Zero kilometer" is opened and we received another grant from the UN on the development of eco-technologies within the framework of the related project of the SkyWay group of companies.

Together with the popularity and scale of the SkyWay, real and potential audience of technology investors is growing, too. Therefore, we announce a long-awaited event – the SkyWay group of companies reached the international level of development. Geographical barriers are broken, and now a resident of any country can invest in the SkyWay project (previously only residents of CIS countries could be the investors).

Now foreign partners have the opportunity to invest in the technology with the help of Bank cards that support 3-D Secure. The 3-D Secure technology is another step toward additional safety in financial transactions. During the payment process you will need to enter SMS verification code that will come to the phone number linked to the credit card of the payer.

A logical continuation of this news is the following: – the User account on the website of the SkyWay group of companies is translated into English. The English version of the User account will have the same functionality as the Russian one. The news chronicle until November 1, 2015 is available in the English version of the site in the section "News".

The SkyWay group of companies reminds of the interactivity of its work: if you need to get some material for translation into other languages or if you have any comments/suggestions regarding the English User account, write on e-mail

Ulyana Orlova